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Turbo Product Coding Offers Intelsat Customers Higher Throughput and Guaranteed Service Quality

Turbo Product Coding Offers Intelsat Customers Higher Throughput and Guaranteed Service Quality Washington, D.C., 26 February 2003

Intelsat can now deliver greater value to customers through the availability of Turbo Product Coding for use with selected pre-engineered bandwidth solutions targeted at Internet service providers, carriers and corporate network customers, the company announced today.

Turbo Product Coding, one of the most advanced forward error-correction (FEC) coding improvements available for satellite modems, such as the Comtech EF Data CDM-600, reduces the amount of power required for antennas to transmit signals to a satellite while maintaining high error correction performance. As a result, customers can use smaller, less expensive antennas, thereby enabling voice, data and Internet applications to be supported more cost-effectively.

"By combining our new high-power IX series satellites and Turbo Product Coding technology, we are significantly reducing costs for customers while maintaining the quality they have come to know from Intelsat's services," said John Stanton, President, Carrier, Data and Internet Business Unit. "These services are ideal for thin to medium routes (64 kbit/s to 8 Mbit/s) that are under-served terrestrially. It will not only benefit our largest customers, but also emerging carriers, ISPs and corporate service providers by providing high-quality services supported by low-cost customer premises equipment."

Intelsat and Comtech EF Data are working together to provide various Turbo Product Coding promotions to customers. As part of this introduction, the companies are, for a limited time and subject to terms and conditions, offering customers special incentive credits that can be applied to a new Comtech EF Data CDM-600 modem equipped with Turbo Product Coding.

"Comtech EF Data's Turbo Product Code is the latest in a long line of high quality, Intelsat-compliant satellite modem enhancements," said Bob Hansen, Senior Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing, Comtech EF Data. "Through this improvement in forward error correction, Intelsat customers can expect significant power, bandwidth and cost savings."

Please contact Intelsat at turbocoding@intelsat.com or Comtech EF Data at sales@comtechefdata.com for additional details on these programs.

About Intelsat

Intelsat, Ltd. offers telephony, corporate network, video and Internet solutions around the globe via capacity on 26 geosynchronous satellites in prime orbital locations. Customers in approximately 200 countries rely on Intelsat satellites and ground resources for quality connections, global reach and reliability.

About Comtech EF Data

Comtech EF Data designs, manufactures and markets a comprehensive product line of digital satellite modems, satellite IP modems, frequency up and down converters, RF transceivers, LNAs, HPAs, Network Management and IP Multicasting solutions. Comtech EF Data Corp. is a subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corporation, Melville, NY. For more information, visit www.comtechefdata.com.