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TeleCommunication Systems Eases NG9-1-1 Transition with EMedia™

Note: Comtech Acquired TCS on 2/23/2016

ANNAPOLIS, Md., Jan. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS) (NASDAQ: TSYS), a world leader in highly reliable and secure mobile communication technology, today introduced EMedia™, a solution delivering 9-1-1 text messages from any carrier to any choice of Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) interface (TTY, Web or text-enabled CPE), enabling PSAP transfer capabilities for text, and integrating with CAD and recording systems. PSAPs that have not deployed an NG9-1-1 solution can receive text-to-911 sessions from EMedia's future-proof NG9-1-1 compliant solution. EMedia also sends texts to existing Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) systems which then do the routing of the text to the proper PSAP. EMedia's support for text and multimedia communications, will guide the evolution to future NG9-1-1 systems.

In addition to phone calls for assistance, PSAPs are preparing to receive Short Message Service (SMS) text messages from the public. However, these messages come from a variety of wireless carriers, are processed by multiple Text Control Center (TCC) vendors, and arrive in various formats at PSAPs in different states of transition to NG9-1-1, resulting in a complex mesh network with inherent connectivity challenges. As a result, only a small percentage of the 6500 PSAPs in the country have currently deployed SMS-to-911 solutions.  TCS' EMedia solution simplifies that complex network, aggregating the incoming messages and routing them to the correct PSAP. The result is an easy-to-manage, single-source network that provides the foundation for a straightforward transition into a robust and NENA standards-compliant Emergency Services IP Network (ESInet).  With EMedia, every PSAP, even legacy or mixed legacy/NG9-1-1 environments, can safely take the initial step to NG9-1-1, allowing them to accept existing SMS messages from multiple wireless carriers.

News Facts:

  • TCS' EMedia solution helps make the PSAP ready for text-to-911.
  • EMedia aggregates all text-to-911 traffic from multiple wireless carriers and TCC vendors, allowing public safety authorities to interact with a single entity for text-to-911.
  • EMedia supports transfer of text sessions between different text handling interfaces.
  • EMedia allows a PSAP to utilize a single-user interface for text-to-911 (TTY, Web or text-enabled CPE).
  • EMedia supports any Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) compliant text-enabled CPE interface; TCS is a co-creator of the ATIS/JSTD-110 standard.
  • EMedia complies fully with National Emergency Number Association (NENA) i3 standard.
  • TCS leads the nation on ESInet deployments and is the premier provider of NG9-1-1 software and end-to-end solutions. Offerings include NENA i3 standards-compliant call-routing and call-handling systems. In 2006, TCS became the first company to deliver NG9-1-1 calls, and the company has since delivered more NENA i3 9-1-1 traffic than all other manufacturers combined.
  • TCS completed the nation's first successful cellular 9-1-1 call more than a decade ago and now deploys cellular and Voice over IP (VoIP) 9-1-1 service to operators nationwide, supporting more than half of all wireless and VoIP Enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1-1) calls.
  • For more vendor or customer information on TCS' EMedia solution, visit:   http://www.telecomsys.com/products/public-safety/emedia.aspx

Supporting Quote:

TCS Safety & Security Group Vice President Thomas Ginter said: "Current public safety systems are a complicated maze of carriers, vendors, and PSAPs in various stages of transition to NG9-1-1. TCS' EMedia solution simplifies text management and delivery, resulting in reliable, single-source capability that is scalable to deliver text in legacy PSAP environments and assist in the evolution to NG9-1-1.  EMedia will smoothly transition the current legacy network into a robust and standards-compliant next generation ESInet that can support voice, text, and multimedia communication."

About TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.
TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS) (NASDAQ: TSYS) is a world leader in highly reliable and secure mobile communication technology. TCS infrastructure forms the foundation for market-leading solutions in E9-1-1, text messaging, commercial location and deployable wireless communications. TCS is at the forefront of new mobile cloud computing services, providing wireless applications for navigation, hyper-local search, asset tracking, social applications and telematics. Millions of consumers around the world use TCS wireless apps as a fundamental part of their daily lives. Government agencies utilize TCS' cybersecurity expertise, professional services and highly secure deployable satellite solutions for mission-critical communications. Headquartered in Annapolis, MD, TCS maintains technical, service and sales offices around the world. To learn more about emerging and innovative wireless technologies, visit www.telecomsys.com.

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