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Comtech Telecommunications Successfully Completes Demonstration of Army Movement Tracking System

Comtech Telecommunications Successfully Completes Demonstration of Army Movement Tracking System MELVILLE, NY - September 23, 1999 - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. (Nasdaq: CMTL) today announced the successful demonstration of the Movement Tracking System developed for the U. S. Army by its Germantown, MD-based subsidiary, Comtech Mobile Datacom Corp.

The demonstration, an application of Comtech's packet data communications services technology, involved high-speed, real time, secure messaging over two satellite systems and the internet using mobile terminals in Europe and the U.S. In the test, all of the units tracked one another's location and communicated between vehicles as well. Other key features included speed of message delivery, in-vehicle mapping, end-to-end encryption, and use of government GPS receivers.

The successful test positions Comtech to begin implementation of an Army contract which was awarded in June 1999 and calls for delivery of mobile terminals, computers and peripherals, and communications systems and services with a total value of up to $418 million. Teamed with Comtech on this program are SCI Systems of Huntsville, AL, for production of mobile terminals, and Anteon Corporation of Fairfax, VA, for engineering support, installation, maintenance, and training.

"This successful demonstration is fresh evidence of the effectiveness of our packet data communications services technology and its exciting potential in government programs and in a wide range of important commercial applications," said Fred Kornberg, Chairman and CEO of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. "These commercial applications include, among others, virtually all areas of the transportation industry, and the pipeline and utility industries."

COL Steve Broughall, program manager, GCSS-A, the Army organization that is responsible for the roll-out of the MTS, was pleased with the test, and commented that "the system's unique ability to combine fast message delivery (typically less than 10 seconds), and accomplish this simultaneously in multiple regions of the world, are fundamental features of the system".

Comtech expects funding of the Army program to begin before the end of this year. The contract covers eight years and is subject to annual government funding, with quantities and delivery dates indefinite. The company noted that the contract permits participation in the program by other DOD departments and government agencies in addition to the Army.

Joel Alper, President of Comtech Mobile Datacom, stated that the Movement Tracking System will provide Army Commanders the ability to precisely locate and communicate with logistics support vehicles, such as ammunition and fuel trucks, personnel carriers and humvees, anywhere in the world, and incorporate this information into the service's high-profile Force XXI battlefield digitization programs.

Comtech Mobile Datacom, a Germantown, Maryland-based company, is engaged in the provision of satellite-based packet data communication systems and services for the land transportation, remote sensing, utility and aviation markets.

Comtech Telecommunications, Corp., through its operating units, is a broad-based supplier of packet data communications services, state-of-the-art solid state high power amplifiers and high technology satellite and over-the-horizon microwave telecommunication products and systems for commercial and government applications.