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Comtech Telecommunications Awarded $1.7 Million Order For Satellite Earth Station Modems

Comtech Telecommunications Awarded $1.7 Million Order For Satellite Earth Station Modems Melville, NY - January 8, 2002 - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. (Nasdaq: CMTL) announced today that its Arizona subsidiary, Comtech EF Data Corp., received a $1.7 million dollar order for satellite earth station modems from a leading Asian global provider of end-to-end satellite-based communications solutions.

The equipment will be utilized in satellite earth terminals for high data rate transmission of up to 20 MBS. This order for Model CDM-600 Satellite Modems was awarded based on the past performance of previously supplied similar equipment and terminals and will supplement an already installed base of Comtech Model SDM-300A and Model SDM-8800 modems with additional follow on orders expected during 2002.

The CDM-600 Satellite Modem provides the latest technology to provide the user with the ability to scale the modem to the exact requirements of the communications application. The CDM-600 Satellite Modem is a fully IBS/IDR compliant modem operating with data rates from 2.4 kbps to 20 Mbps. Features include 8PSK and 16 QAM advanced modulation techniques as well as the new Turbo Product Codec for QPSK, 8PSK and 16 QAM.

Fred Kornberg, President and CEO of Comtech Telecommunications, said, "This order reaffirms the performance, quality and ruggedness of Comtech EF Data's Satcom products. Our highly advanced, field proven 20MB feature rich CDM-600 Satellite Modem proved to be a particular important advantage in this competition."

Comtech EF Data Corp. (www.comtechefdata.com) designs, manufacturers and markets a broad spectrum of Frequency Up and Down Converters, Solid State Power Amplifiers, Satellite Modems, Internet Modems, and C- and Ku-Band Transceivers, Internet Enabled Modems, MultiCast and UniCast Networks and the MIDAS Bandwidth on Demand System. All products meet or exceed the standards published by Intelsat, Eutelsat, Insat, AsiaSat and other worldwide and regional satellite networks.

Comtech Telecommunications Corp. is an innovative player in the domestic and global high-technology markets. Through its operating units, Comtech pursues opportunities in three interrelated market segments: telecommunications transmission, RF microwave amplifiers, and mobile data communications services. In each of these segments, growth is driven by increasing demand for telecommunications infrastructure and network and messaging services. The company's specialties include the design and manufacture advanced products and networks used for transmission of voice, data and video using satellite, over-the-horizon microwave, terrestrial line of sight and other wireless communications systems. More than 275 distinct Comtech products are in service in more than 100 countries.