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Comtech Telecommunications Announces $1.7 Million Contract for Solid State Amplifiers

Comtech Telecommunications Announces $1.7 Million Contract for Solid State Amplifiers Melville, NY, June 8, 2000 - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. (Nasdaq: CMTL) announced today that it has received a second follow-on contract valued at approximately $1.7 million for the production of solid state amplifiers used in the Condor Systems, Inc. Shortstop Electronic Protection System (SEPS).

Condor awarded the contract to Comtech's New York operating unit, Comtech PST Corp. It is the third award resulting from a 1998 joint development agreement between Condor and Comtech. Prior awards associated with the joint development agreement total approximately $3.4 million.

Shortstop is a portable and silent system that creates an electronic signal that causes mortar, artillery shells and rockets, fitted with proximity fuses, to explode prematurely by falsely signaling that they have reached their target.

The award announced today is part of a project in which Condor is providing the U.S. Army with Shortstop Systems for urgent field deployments. The Army and other government customers have requested additional production which, if funded, would begin later on this year and continue for three to five years. This could generate solid state amplifier contracts with an estimated value of between $15 million and $25 million.

Fred Kornberg, president and chief executive officer of Comtech Telecommunications, said the follow-on awards demonstrate the synergistic benefits of the 1998 joint venture agreement. "Participation in this program allows Comtech to showcase its technical capabilities with the prospect of additional significant follow on orders," Mr. Kornberg said.

Condor Systems, Inc., is a privately held defense electronics firm headquartered in San Jose, California, and is a world leader in intelligence and electronic warfare systems and products.

Comtech Telecommunications Corp. is an innovative and increasingly significant player in domestic and global high-technology markets. Through its operating units, Comtech pursues opportunities in three interrelated market segments: telecommunications transmission, RF microwave amplifiers, and mobile data communications services. In each of these segments, growth is driven by increasing demand for telecommunications infrastructure and network and messaging services. The company's specialties include the design and manufacture of advanced products and networks used for transmission of voice, data and video using satellite, over the horizon microwave, terrestrial line of site and other wireless communications systems. More than 250 distinct Comtech products are in service in more than 100 countries.