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Comtech Receives $1 Million in Orders Under Its Army Movement Tracking System Contract

Comtech Receives $1 Million in Orders Under Its Army Movement Tracking System Contract Melville, New York - January 24, 2001 - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. (Nasdaq: CMTL) announced today that its Maryland subsidiary, Comtech Mobile Datacom, received approximately $1 million in orders for mobile terminals, computers, installation kits, and service under its Army MTS contract.

The majority of the mobile communications equipment under the current order will be delivered to the Interim Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) in Ft. Lewis, Washington, a quick response, wheeled vehicle combat team.

Installation equipment is also being delivered to Ft. Irwin, California for mounting on a number of vehicles to support the 4th Infantry Division's participation in a major training exercise in March and April. The 4th Infantry Division is a digitized division, employing the latest of digital technology on the battlefield. Comtech's MTS system is currently mounted on 350 vehicles of the 4th Infantry Division.

Fred Kornberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of Comtech Telecommunications, said, "With this order, Comtech has passed the $7 million mark in MTS bookings for the program, which has a ceiling in excess of $400 million and six and a half years remaining under the contract."

Kornberg continued, "Although the roll-out of our initial $400 million contract has been slower than anticipated due to budget delays by the U.S. government, I am excited about the Army's response to the products and services we are delivering."

Comtech Mobile Datacom, a Germantown, Maryland-based company, is engaged in the provision of satellite-based packet data communication systems and services for the land transportation, remote sensing, utility and aviation markets.

Comtech Telecommunications Corp. is an innovative player in domestic and global high-technology markets. Through its operating units, Comtech pursues opportunities in three interrelated market segments: telecommunications transmission, RF microwave amplifiers, and mobile data communications services. In each of these segments, growth is driven by increasing demand for telecommunications infrastructure and network and messaging services. The company's specialties include the design and manufacture of advanced products and networks used for transmission of voice, data and video using satellite, over the horizon microwave, terrestrial line of sight and other wireless communications systems. More than 275 distinct Comtech products are in service in more than 100 countries.